Santa Baby!

Or whatever. The Labor Day Fairy  or the Start of School Nymph. SOMEBODY. #Halp.

I have ^this many pages left in my second Roma Lussa journal – you may remember from the great journal entry of whatever-year-that-was that these are THE TRUTH and also that I haven’t journaled (making myself itch by not going tangentially into the details and qualifiers here) in anything else since finding them.

I’ve already had the red and the chocolate one and the only one I *don’t* want is black. Of course, I wouldn’t have chosen the chocolate one and I FLURVE it so what do I know. But the point is the only one I can find online that’s available asap is the choco one! WHY?! #GnashingOfTeeth

And this is the one I WAAAAAANT:

Yeeeeees. And Laura with Marbled Art was kind enough to comment on that older blog post and let me know I could order direct (as in not trying to find it in N.America through Cavallini & Co. but from the original Italian company) – only the one I want isn’t available at present.

WHY MUST I FAIL AT EVERY ATTEMPT AT MASONRY?! ::calming whale screams::

I also would love – and can not get! – this saddle colored one, which I want maybe after the blue one because it’s maybe too close to brown…