Raines, Raines, Come Again Another Day

So, what really perterbs me is how they could not only hide Raines in the broadcast schedule, but then apparently add it as a mid-season surprise and not pick it up so that there are only like seven episodes for me to watch on FanCast!! Once again, that’s FanCast.

Now I’m not saying the show is perfect, I mean, what else besides Law & Order is. But – save those few seconds where it’s a touch too ethereal, which only happens like twice – I love where they were going with it. And Raines’ characterization. It just makes me wonder who the hell gets to decide these things?!? Meanwhile, CSI has a half dozen franchises and is still giving viewers VD. (I heard it somewhere.) And while the heavens will part to shower us with light and angelic music upon his debut on Criminal Intent, who the devil says he can only have one show?!? I’m versatile, I like variety. I love The Cheetah Girls movies and Intervention. I could accept him as two different but delightful characters, okay?

I don’t wanna talk about it too much but the day before the Monarch Festival at Natural Bridges State Beach, we were basically drowned out by the sudden and persistent sound of emergency vehicles and then when I realized they were there on the beach – we were up at the Information Office where Josh works – I got this really weird feeling. Paramedics and firemen running can do that… Well, to find out – after having that sinking feelings – that the 11 year old boy who fell into a collapsed sand dune or something actually died in that situation and that it was his birthday party and that his parents lost their child as I was holding the hand of mine… I can’t get it out of my head for some reason. I can’t possibly imagine. Actually, I refuse to let myself try.

So, as often happens, I gave my letter writers a bunch of leeway in composing and getting back to me (read: months) and now I’ve gotta wrangle everyone back to the homefront. Because I love asking people to do things for me in the first place. Plus we’re still waiting for some elements of Josh’s, too. Because we can never have a less than precarious approach to a deadline. Of course, a Fulbright is well worth it. But that’s not the point.

Oh and Ezra had a blast at the Welcome Back Monarch Day Festival Thing this year. 🙂