Ridin’ The Range, Ya-HOO

Hunger Games – man, if that doesn’t make you wanna reread the book. GAH. So good. Music, story elements. Gets better every time I watch it. For me this book was nothing about Team Gale or Team Peeta. Team Katniss. She. Was. Awesome. I have rarely been so taken in by a protagonist. Some books are just books, some characters are only alive in their story. This is a girl I wanted to know. But for real, for real? Effie. Cannot WAIT. Already loving the frightening Mad Max take on beauty. MANICANNOTWAIT.
Snow White and the Huntsman – they played to their strength. Charlize Theron. I cannot wait to see this witch. Epic and beautiful. I’m not a Kristin Stewart hater – although I have to say I thought she was pretty nonexistent until I watched The Runaways, which I really liked and will watch again. I thought she was great at Joan Jett, but something tells me she was playing at least part of it as herself. Meaning they had a lot in common. I’m not sure of her range or whether she can play someone who isn’t quite as outsider as she seems to be. They didn’t give her a single line in this trailer. I was about to be like, you tell me what that means. Then I remembered this is my blog.
 It means she might have the right look (which I can grant her or else they made her look the part) but um. They know better than to try to sell a movie based on her chops.
Word to the director: If you’re not Guillermo (which you aren’t)…at least give big ups. Otherwise it looks like you’re a fanboy who is less than classy. And WHAT is worse than unclassy fanboys? O_O
Mirror, Mirror…. it. wouldn’t even be fair to comment. It’d be like stepping on a crippled puppy baby. And. I don’t want this to turn into Everything Julia Roberts has done wrong in the past ten years. Let’s just leave it at…Mirror, Mirror. I mean, WHOSE idea was it for her to fake an accent SOMETIMES? WHOSE idea was it to pit these two movies against each other?! TWO retellings of the SAME fairy tale? Lemme give you a clue as to which one will rock: the one that looks like it’ll rock. O_O I know, personal preferences means amazing lead actresses and dark storylines win before they leave the gate, for me. But that’s not even the half of it!
Who is M2 even *for*? Seriously? If it’s for kids, why the Nathan Lane/Julia Roberts heaviness? Do kids love them? If it’s for adults, why is it so dumb? It doesn’t even have the good sense to go full Bollywood, so it ends up slipping into turn-of-the-century-corniness (I get to say that now and you realize I mean 2000, right?). Yea god, man. Horrible.
Oh and also