[Go, go, gadget website!]

I can do, like, birthdays. Um. Car pools?

Right, but if you needed to reach me for…some reason…this is the place to do it! Nothing special, just leave me a comment below (as opposed to on random entries to whose content your note will be entirely unrelated…it’s my neurosis, I’m sorry)!

Reader-friendly email (esp. for Sensitivity requests):

bethany @ bethanycmorrow (dot) com.

Looking for my rep? 

Literary Agent: Victoria Marini, IGLA

Film Agent: Lia Chan, ICM

Publisher: Unnamed Press (MEM, May 2018)

8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Bethany….I must say….you are so gifted and talented. I was pleasantly surprised when reading your blogs. You have wonderful insights to life and to the things around you. You are one beautiful and talented woman. And I must say the older you get the more you look like Ana! You two look adorable in the picture together. Actually you and Ana look more and more like Aunt Michelle. You are beautiful Bethany keep writing….keep writing….the world will see a talented and beautiful woman with an exceptional gift of writing.


  2. Hi, I wonder if you can help me? I’m looking for the book/tape that had the “chicken squawk” song in it but can’t remember what it’s called. We had this for our children 25 years ago. Now that we have our first grandchild I’d love to get it for her. I seem to remember a purple teddy who was afraid of every thing. (not Teddy Ruxpin) Please help me if you can. Regards, Fiona
    P.S. Love your blog


      • You Darling, Darling Lady, That’s the one! The Land of Pleasant Dreams, The Bear that was Chicken. “chicken squawk, chicken squawk” I now live in Spain but have my daughter and first grandchild here this week (they live in UK) Thank you so much for helping me find that book . it’s a must for us. Thank you. Thank you.
        Best regards, Fiona


        • A few years ago, it was driving me crazy! I think I went back to the States to see my dad and came upon the well-worn VHS sleeve, lol. I wanted to show it to my son, so I understand the feeling. Have a lovely time with your children and congrats on your first grandchild!


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