Every Boy And Every Girl

Little ways I try to spice up my life that you may also try:

A) Using light gamer-speak in real life conversations so that it doesn’t seem like forever since I leveled my girl on Allods because wow this part is an infuriating grind and how come Josh has a ship and I don’t but also seriously, can we be done with the kill infinity of this or that beast quests?

Example: Calling out “wife-aggro” when I want my husband to come here.

Example 2: Saying I’m going “afk” when neither I nor the other party were at a keyboard to begin with. It’s good times.

B) Watching Elementary and finally getting to be a part of the whole Sherlock Holmes thing, which – no matter what interpretation I’d tried – I previously could NOT get into. I love Watson being Joan, I love their relationship, I love present-day crime-solving, I love Aidan Quinn (and I’ll never stop, just like he’ll always be a Ludlow). All the things. Such good television. Mmm. Not like The Following – whose second episode was admittedly better than the first but baby, that ain’t hard, and as I mentioned to a friend (so you’re seein’ this twice, yo) didn’t have to accost us with the liberal as duct tape use of cliches and so was immediately less eye-roll-inducing.

But what was I saying? Ah yes. I love Elementary. For serial. This from a woman who couldn’t even avoid irritation at the end of Guy Richie’s RDJ version. O_O (Yep. I hate when it goes all Encyclopedia Brown at the end. Shuddup. But also, let’s be friends, RDeej.)

C) Getting back into a season of hard-copy revising. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Nom. So fulfilling, I can’t even. Love it. Pencil, pen, paper, clipboard, love and so on. Does the body good. Ah. Now I’m just sighing and twirling my hair around my finger. Hm.




A Bushel And A Peck

I’m such a weirdo. This happens every time – as far as I recall – and I still put it off …every time.

When I’m writing, there are a few things I’m trying to accomplish …. wow, I’m like two seconds from aborting this post. First being redundant, now stating the obvious. I’m good with words. Okay, but what I mean is there are always one or two things I’m trying to reveal or weave into the narrative that I don’t want to shout at the reader. My hubs, aka First Reader, is therefore subject to conversations during which opposing counsel objects on the basis of leading the witness. Because I’m trying to ask without asking if what I’m attempting is coming across. (This is probably just as annoying as it sounds.) And then at some point I remember that I always end up telling him the whole intended story. I need one person who knows what I’m going for. Just like I need the next reader to not know what I’m going for. Both let me know what’s making it to the paper.

Just tellin’ ya things for no reason. Which is sort of what I’m always doing. Isn’t that weird? I’m always unnecessarily telling you stuff (it’s called blogging) and yet sometimes I’m like, huh. What was the point of that? Silly Bethany. Thinkin’ things.

Anyway, wanna see one of the reasons Allods is better than World of Warcraft?

Our gear is so much cooler now….siiiigh

That’s Josh’s toon having swept my toon off her feet. AWESOME. #ItsTheLittleThings Oh plus it’s free. O_O WHUTTTT?

Also, I shared this on Twitter and maybe threw my girl, Elise, into a fit of laughter at my expense. But secretly, she knows gaming is the bees’ knees’. (Seriously can’t decide on those apostrophes. Man. It is time to go.)