Hey, wha’ happah?!? (2009)

Pretty Dead Eyes

That is just an awkward picture, we can all agree on that.

A blog that began as the archiving of a Myspace blog.

Okay, fine. Since this page is getting so many hits, I guess I should add a bit more information?! So, ….God, what am I apposed to say that you couldn’t figure out throughout my blog? Because it just occurred to me that making a list (even one of relevant facts) would give a completely inaccurate picture, if only because of what it leaves out and what it leaves in might be things that in real life go without saying but that you necessarily overemphasize in introduction by the fact that you have to mention it! If I say I’m a mother, then you get a particular image of a person who for the most part (aside from the obsessive joy of having a child) has completely different aspirations and goals and interests. If I say I’m married, then you think this blog is about my husband and, coupled with the first item on the list, you probably think this is gonna be one boring, stay-at-home mother who gets off cooking pastries blog! So, what do I list?! I have an idea. It’s not…mine. But I think it’ll help.

If I just write an arbitrary list of attributes/interests/goals/quirks, then you will know not to take any of them so seriously as to try and equate them with a percentage of my being, no? “Who’s coming with me…..”

Which brings me to numero one: If you think something I say in conversation doesn’t make sense, 9 times out of 10, it’s a media reference.
2) I am going to dye my hair white. And not just because my husband and I could look like Wolverine and Storm.
3) There are personal tidbits about my mechanics that I think are interesting but that, once written, would no doubt look all the inappropriate.
4) I am a writer who is not yet an author. The difference, of course, being publication.
5) I’m waiting for news. Which…is also true of the past two years. Only this time, it’s from a very bless-ed introduction.
6) I am made very happy (insert better word) by my maturing relationship with God. Didn’t see that coming? That’s too bad. I am a Christian regardless of how that is ill-defined.
7) I don’t like staying in one place. I don’t remember the whole movie of Mermaids, but I remember thinking, she’s right. You will die if you stay in one place!
8…(becomes a sunglasses-wearing smiley face when I publish) I somehow lived overseas in a country other than the one with which I have long been enamored.
9) I am simultaneously lazy and passionate. Lazy about things for which I have no passion (housework, cooking, laundry, subjects like math and astronomy) and tireless about those for which I do (writing, sociology, forensic psych, and all the crap that comes with writing: formatting, reformatting, reformatting, editing, rewriting – because if something isn’t right in this group of things, I will lose entire days working it to my point of perfection… which can not be said for those things about which I’m lazy).
10) I am equally not invested (in things or people of a certain disposition) and head over heels (for people I love and new people who dissuade me from thinking everyone is lame and confused). And when I’m head over heels, I want to be around them or give them things or make them things. 😀

So. This counts as a blog entry, no?

(P.S. I like World of Warcraft. A lot.)

7 thoughts on “Hey, wha’ happah?!? (2009)

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    • I knows! I think that’s why this page has been clicked a bit today, lol. Well, not because we watched the movie. Because we watched the movie and then I blogged about it.


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