Who I Was (2010)

That’s not exactly a clever page name but – it delivers what it promises.

Right, so now starts the familiar quagmire of “what to write”. Last time I ended up with a diatribe, which you will find on the pages outline to the right instead of proudly displayed at the top. ๐Ÿ™‚ Njoy!

I’m an expatriate, to begin with the current name of this blog (Feb. 2010, in case it has changed by the time you read this). I’m a California girl who will always love California and, if I hadn’t been born there, could probably have been very happy there. But I have never found a city that was more than city. Until now. (Again, mark this down, in case something abruptly changes.) When I lived abroad before, it was in North Wales (Great Britain) and it wasn’t for the long haul. I’ve wanted to live in a francophone country but made the compromise of staying on the North American continent rather than tear out the hearts of my child-god’s grandparents again. So here we are in the city I considered first during my freshman year of college (2000) and it does not disappoint. I think my skin may actually NOT peel off of me if I try to stay! (As long as there’s still lots of travel…)

Anyway, I’m a writer, mostly of literary fiction, currently pursuing representation. I have finally caved and posted excerpts of a few projects, which can be found on the page runner at the top right – where you found About – or under the Pages header to the right. I could talk about this indefinitely…just not to the ether.

I’m a follower of Christ and a wife and a mommy and a sister and an aunt and a friend and a Pepsi drinker and a snack eater and a music obsesser-over-er and a doggy mommy and an observer and a snark and an eyebrow raiser and an exhorter and a visual-aid-making-planner and my rump hurts from sitting with my laptop for so long.

5 thoughts on “Who I Was (2010)

  1. You seem like my kind of gal! I just spent a good deal of my lunch hour scrolling down your homepage and enjoyed reading it very much. I’m adding you to my blogroll to remember to come back and read these stories!


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