About Me

Author of Mem: a novel, currently out from Unnamed Press in hardcover and paperback!

Anthologist of and contributor to Take The Mic: Fictional Stories of Everyday Resistance, out from Scholastic in Fall 2019!

Author of A Song Below Water, out from Tor Teen in 2020!

Writer of essays on inclusion done right!

Speaker on radio shows about my work as a sensitivity reader, and the need for change in publishing!

Also: I’m an author of speculative literary fiction (and sometimes straight sci-fi and sometimes contemporary fantasy and sometimes contemporary – that one’s a surprise and only short form, at the moment).

Additionally: I’m represented by Victoria Marini, of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency.

Furthermore: I’m a recovering expat, whose main requirement is simply not to be native. For me that means I will love Northern California from afar, but likely never live there again. Montreal is home in most ways, but I’m living in the American Northeast.

Finally: You can visit me at my author website, Bethany C Morrow, on twitter, or on my Facebook author page!

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