Lightning Crashes


Let me tell you about the most frustratingest two days of my June life. (Because, let’s be real. I can’t rightly remember what happened in May. That was May’s problem; none of my business.)

So I have a bucket of projects from novel to flash fiction length out and about, looking for a home. (Does anyone else do this thing where they have several submission lists, in various visual iterations – like each particular project has its own excel workbook and then there’s the linear list of each project and where it’s subbed but then there’s this other thing which is shapes and just a different presentation of the same information because sometimes that’s how my brain needs to ingest information. You do, right? I should mention I am not soliciting diagnoses at this time.)

I tell you about this murder of organizational/administrative/brain-pressure-relieving documents because sometimes dealing with this aspect of the writer life suffices for a day or week while I wait on the next Must Write story/character/scene.

But not this past week. I was/am in the middling stretch with basically all aforementioned projects and I was like, okay, the next step in the thought-it-would-be-a-collection-of-flash-stories story might be transitioning into novellette or novella territory (dude, I wish I could tell you why) and simultaneously wanting to write a new novel for the adult market, but no. Seriously, not a single thought or concept was coming. By which I mean, not a single thought or concept that made sense.

It’s about a killer robot driving instructor, who travels back in time for some reason.

And then as it does, magic happened via the mundanity that is something I experience all the time and BOOM. Scene in my head. So, even though it was a simple scene, I wrote it down. As per yoosh, in the writing, more was revealed, but it was still vague in a way that surprised me. It could be more than one genre, part of more than one story.

So I made a two column list. This is how the story would proceed if it were this genre, this is how the story would proceed if it were this genre. And One of those columns got long and extravagant and the concept turned into a world and ojsdopfjpdogkpdkfophhpodjfg and

It’s not ready to be written but WOW. I can’t. It’s one of those I have no idea how to write this projects and I can.not.wait.

That’s all.


6 thoughts on “Lightning Crashes

  1. Pfff. I seriously doubt that is “all”. ๐Ÿ˜› Congrats!

    I have this list of ideas…and no time. :/ Especially now that I’m trying to get more than 5 hours of sleep. THIS LIFE IS CRAZY.


    • I cannot. Such a big idea. Such good times. WHEN WILL IT BEGIN?!

      I have lists and WiPs that for one reason or another don’t take off – one WiP in particular that is a friggin’ awesome world/concept and yet, not coming out which is the 1st time that particular brand of hell has happened to me – but I’m coming to the realization my brain will not go backward. Everything must to be new.

      Also, YAAAAAAAAAY! I am so essited for your life. And the two new lives. And the they belong to meeeeeeee!


    • Oh my gosh, big ideas. There is nothing like knowing this could be jamazing. And thanks so much for the vote of confidence, Leandra! Even though the logline came almost immediately – talk.about.high.concept – and the resultant world issues, I’m not sure how I’ll tell it, who will tell it, etc. Excited to see what and who comes to mind.

      Thinking about writing is #amwriting!


  2. I’m so jealous! All I can think about is how this celibacy thing just keeps going on and on and on (5.5 years and counting)…and it REALLY sucks! And I think about how much I wish I could afford to quit my job to make more time for my creative endeavors. Oh, and I get lost in my “Think Tank” (which is where I – am trying to – keep my ideas…but I’m still notoriously scribbling on whatever’s closest to me (tropical-colored sticky notes, tablets, journals, junk mail, the backs of white envelopes, voided checks, any blank writing surface) when the lightning strikes). All I do is think, think, think but I haven’t even looked at “Weepin’ Willa: Isi Youngblood” in MONTHS. But this is about you, right? My bad. Let me start over.

    This is AWESOMEsauce, Bethany! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds exciting!


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