All The Droids You’re Looking For

For most of 2014 I’ve been sick in a brand new way but who cares! Because I just wrote 1400 words of my new story and I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!

I have that obnoxious desire to talk to errybody about it and so OH, BLOG!

No, seriously, it’s a pretty nice change of pace from hacking up blood-tinged phlegm. O_O And before you go all psycho in the comments, I’m kidding (except for those few occasions about which I’m not kidding).

So yes, I have the song, the title, the concept, the opening (obviously) but I don’t have the query. (This makes more sense if you read that post about the things I need to write the things. But that post was also sorta about Christmas, too, so don’t get lost.) And the thing about the query is I write it when I’ve got already gotten the first thousand or so words out, I’ve found, so it should be coming up here. And the reason I do it is that up until then, often, I haven’t known how the story will end, nor do I need to. But also the thing is that once I’ve written it, I may start over, if I learn something new about the character or the tone or the central focus because of writing it. Which brings me to why (I think) I started this blog, really.

I wanna say I love something and not have to make the disclaimer that it might not survive. Right? Or does that matter, at all. Help me out here, ether. Because I genuinely am adoring this opening and this tone – which is sooper out of left field and possibly more like my blog voice than anything I’ve written in fiction, which is to say it might be like my blog voice and that nothing I’ve ever written is in any way similar to my blog voice. Where was I. Oh, so j’adore, right, but it might not stay the same. Which is fine by me! Hmm. Now I’m wondering if that exclamation point is misleading.

It’s nice to have me back, izit?

The other thing is that the title might change, given that unexpected tone. So I can’t even update my writing page because the present one might be too ___. Right?

You’re awful quiet for a supposedly innocent party.


So, to summarize. New short story. Love it. Rewriting is what I do so that might happen but I love what’s written and I can’t wait to write the query.


Oh and because of the tone the playlist (which I love) seemed almost not to match especially the opening but then I was like, wait for it, but so I can’t post a song because then it’ll be kinda misleading almost? BREAK!


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