Rings and Things and Finery

Nothing brings us back together like things I bought that I adore, amirite?!

One Ring

Sure, I was in the Aldo Outlet looking for holiday shoes – only to have hubby decide he likes a pair I already have – but are we *kidding* with this?! I mean. I can’t. Jointed ring?! Super the exact kind of rings I want?! Gratuitous and lovely?! Yes? Okay, because, I bought two.

One Ring_steampunk

See, I get that this one’s “broken”. OR. It’s steampunk-y goodness. You be the judge. ::Stuffs the ballot box:: I’m so beyond excited about these rings that I will gladly forgo gloves in a Montreal winter. (Before you call Adult and Family Services, my parka pockets are extra cozy, swear!)

Things that make me happy as the year winds to a close:

(1) Rewatching Happy Endings. Okay, this makes me both happy and sad because WHO decided we were done with that?! Like, f’real. So much good. #BradAndJaneForever

(2) Jigsaw. My newest finished project, my short story of delight.

(3) Having teaching aids succeed! Yay for me and Ezzie!

And there’s more, but we’re done now. Let us end with this stupidly beautiful rendition of O Come, Emmanuel. Srsly. The perfect tone for this gorgeous song.


2 thoughts on “Rings and Things and Finery

  1. I just discovered thePianoGuys today. I really dig this version of the song.
    By the way, I just read your After Earth review. Oddly, it was the second one I’ve stumbled across today. Yours was funniest though. I haven’t seen it. But I have been in the theater while Elysium was on. (I fell asleep).
    Crappy SciFi really does hurt. And so I’ll avoid After Earth.


    • Oh, you have to see it. You have to. Or am I the only one who does that to myself? Because sometimes… all you really need …is to dismantle an almost laughably horrible attempt at epic. (That’s the commercial for my blog, starting now.)

      😀 Thanks for stopping by, tho! Checking out your link.


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