Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

You guys, shut. up.

So this is not the first time I’ve dreamt a story, scene or concept. Exhibit: That Time I Blogged About It. And that time it was about my Jen-the-Twin.

And then night before last I dreamt an MG fantasy adventure that takes place in the cloud-high canopy of a redwood forest world, where cherub-shaped fae men do…something… okay, so I was riding a huge eagle, as was the style at the time (<– hah. Grandpa Simpson.) and holding this fae and when I “used” him for his purpose, from his chest, his color changed (wings, body, crystal around his neck) until he was like shimmery, dark stone. Anyway, I held him in the crook of my arm (so clearly he wasn’t “used up”?) while I navigated the eagle to the inn where I was staying using words like “lilliput” for left… because, adorable. Anyway, when I got to the inn, I tried for the first time to see the earth floor through the clouds and the beauty of the forest and I finally caught a glimpse of the ground and of a pale brown trail through the expanse of auburn ground cover.

So no, they don’t usually yield stories that I’ll actually write. 🙂

But sometimes…. and because WHO NEEDS A REASON, LET THE DREAMS COME, I had another one today during my nap. And I thought. Um, that is kinda flawesome but it’s not a story, just a concept and I’m trying to get back to something else and everything. There’s sort of been a lot going on in my neck of the woods so …actually, that might explain the overwhelming deluge of amazing dreams. And you know how you tell someone something that you think might be kind of interesting and then their reaction makes you realize that this might be the coolest thing evar and how did you not see it? And just after telling my long-suffering CP, Stephanie, how I didn’t have a story to go with it and I’m so sorry, I went downstairs to get the laundry AND THE STORY WAS IN THE DRYER. I mean, I just assume it was. Because that’s where I found it. I looked around for its rightful owner but. ::shrug:: It’s mine now.

Oh and.


Sometimes I hate being right.

Get it together, girl! See what you’re doing in this picture? Bring that good love back, get rid of the bad wigs and thanks for dropping the ridiculous and horrible boyfriend-turned-fiance storyline but let’s hope it’s not too late to right the ship. The Good Wife turned it around when they realized they’d gone too far down the rabbit hole of a dynamic no one wanted to see so … I believe in you. I mean. I want to.


8 thoughts on “Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

  1. I wish these days my dreams were so amazing! I fell asleep watching Couples Who Kill…I think we know what kind of crack head dreams that inspired. I want to love The Mindy Project but tis hard.


  2. I giggled the whole way through! Maybe…because I SO get it. But when I tell people about a story/concept I dreamt about, they just look at me like I’ve got a booger in my nose. When I write it down, they call me a genius. Sometimes, I wonder if my inside (writing) voice and outside (speaking) voice use the same language… *shrugs*


    • Aw, thanks, Lady! 😉 And people are fickle with artists. Unless you’re famous, they can’t decide if you’re genius or psychotic. But no worries. When you make it, you become “eccentric” anyway.


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