Take It To The Page

Things I Do (As A Writer)

1) I muse while I write. I listen to a piece that reflects the emotion of the scene itself.

Ways This Can “Backfire” (Or: Why You Can’t Muse Too Hard)

A) It has occurred on occasion – read: more often than not – that I have taken myself on a journey, girl. Got all up in those feels and expressed an entire process of emotion-ism-ality and just experienced this entire narrative that’s rich and intense and lengthy. Because…I was feeling between the words.

Things To Know So That You Don’t Come Off Like A Noob, Bethany

I) [Like the Roman numeral, not like the letter.] It takes longer to write a scene than to read it. ….Read it. With or without the muse (music). Actually, I prefer with. Because then it’s really super abrupt when I realize how much did not make it to the page. The read doesn’t match the muse, so to speak. I got down a sketch, a skeleton – but not the meat. So I go, whoops, maybe let’s try that again.



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