Eleventy Factoids

The Pen Punks have bequeathed upon me a new blog award! Which…given my sporadic postings…seems like reinforcing bad behavior. But who are they to resist my charms, amirite.

As always, I shan’t actually follow directions or anything because [excuses]. But I *will* answer the questions they composed for the nominees and try to come up with eleven random facts about me!


(1) I’m 5’9″. And as my Jen-the-Twin and I were recently discussing, it’s apparently a challenging height to write about. If the heroine in your novel is 5’9″ and the guy’s 6′ or shorter, she doesn’t have to stand on her tip-toes to kiss him. Hate to break it to ya. Honestly, we’re the victims in this so actually I retract that apology.

– Yes, all the facts will devolve thusly. Be prepared. … which of course made me think of this.

(2) My birthday, my son’s bday, my husband’s bday are in the same week. (And my wedding anniversary is the next week.) Because epic.

(3) The first thing I wanted to be was a (foreign) missionary. And in a country to which I’m not native, I’m involved in ministry – so color me awestruck!

(4) I will never not think of David Alan Grier when I use the superfluous word “thusly” – to which my high school teacher Mr. Karagianes was vocally opposed – because I still remember the In Living Color skit during which I first heard him say it. (And I think we can close the book on it. That was the best sentence ever written, forever.)

(5) I’m allergic to nuts, but I wish I could eat pistachios…for some reason. Just seems like a good time. All the other ones can die a painful, inanimate death.

(6) Snow White is my least favorite Disney princess based solely on the singing voice from the classic cartoon. (Which my son can tell you I inexplicably sing-mimic more than any other save dear, perfect Aurora.)

(7) I cannot sleep through the night if I go to bed before 1am, preferably 2am. (This is not my design. I routinely get tired around 8pm and then have to fight it off so I don’t wake up at 3.)

(8) I have written for more than six hours straight without noticing and – aside from the strange phenomena of not being able to manipulate my limbs properly when I tried to stand up – it was lovely.

(9) I don’t have a cell phone and I rarely answer my house phone. Which is really weird because before a few years ago, I had no problem talking on the phone. Now I’m just….merph. Not into it.

(10) I’m super confused by people who are afraid of dogs. Although I’m more confused by people who don’t have dogs. Despite the fact that I’m thisclose to the edge over the way Phineas sheds. And how often he has to be bathed. Like, seriously, is he decaying? Is that a thing when they hit 9?! <– that’s my sales pitch. Get a dog, everyone!

(11) I don’t like the idea of “vacationing” to a place I’ve never been and that I really want to experience. I feel I need several months – minimum one month which turned out to be a blessing because I was NOT an island person and any longer would’ve dissolved my brain. Except I technically live on an island now but you get me.

And later shall I answer the 11 questions! Thanks, Pen Punks! ❤


3 thoughts on “Eleventy Factoids

  1. I used to think dogs were the bees knees until I had kids. Nope! Will never own one again! Dogs drool and shed and pee and sh1t a lot. All of which I’d have to clean? Thusly, NOPE! <–See what I did there?
    Snow White is also MY least favorite Disney princess because of her voice. SO annoying!
    I like week and a half long vacations, I'm usually ready to come home by then. I think we're both heavily influenced by what we've experienced in the past. 😛 Of course, I wouldn't balk at a month long trip but who was the money or the vacation time?


    • Well, I think that’s why we’ve done what we’ve done – I like to vacay in places I know I like but don’t feel like I’m missing the culture of the place becuz I’m on a schedule because I’ve already been there. So meet me in Montauk. (By which of course I mean Manhattan. But movie quotes, y’know.)

      I DID see whatcha did thar!

      And wonder twin powers unite re SW!


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