I Am Not A Crook

So, I had a little tear-jerking moment today. With someone else’s child. She has seriously grown so much! I can tell she doesn’t feel quite so awkward anymore. (She’s stopped wearing high waters for one. No judgment, girlfriend, my legs were persistently too long at that age, too. It can destroy a girl.) She’s always had this bushy, would-be-curly hair – but I suspect no one’s shown her what to do to define her curls. (Again. No judgment, my child. I was on my own in the hair department from a pretty young age. Not fun.) Today, I couldn’t really see much of it what with her touque, but the part that really stopped me in my tracks (figuratively) was the EYE CONTACT. My girl actually looked. up. Three years is all it took.

Okay, I should probably mention that I’ve never met this kid.

Um. She walks past me everyday when I’m going to pick up Ez and it’s almost alarming how quickly kids change during puberty. Man. I wanna take her for hot chocolate and pick her brain. Sneak into her room when she’s at band practice and skim her diary. You know, to see what she really thinks about everything. And why she walks home by herself seriously every.day.

I can’t believe she didn’t stop and chat or, like, hug me today. Hm. Maybe next year.


2 thoughts on “I Am Not A Crook

  1. I’m hitting the like, but it’s love. How cool is it that you’ve had this opportunity to observe this same child day after day until she has become to feel as though she’s yours in some way.


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