If Food Be The Food Of Food

Righteous indignation.

I won’t even embarrass myself by finding a picture of the fast food “restaurant” to which Josh and I lost our virtue tonight. Because I’m from California and I KNOW better. But I don’t think of Mexican food as being hard. It’s actually simple and delicious. So despite the fact that this is the same cuisine that sent me into a fit of tears after trying to satisfy my craving in Chester, England, and despite the fact that I tried this same place three years ago – we did it again. Because COME ON. (No. We were the ones at fault. We know this.) And as soon as we saddled up to the place, we were like NOPE. But did we listen to ourselves? No. So basically I’m a coward AND a deranged woman thirsty for sweet justice. The latter because I ate like seven bites and then cast my plate across the table.

THIS IS WHY I ALWAYS EAT THE SAME THING FROM THE SAME PLACE. Adventure is for traveling and writing, people. And dreams. Gotta have those epic, cinematic dreams. FOOD IS FOR TASTING THE WAY I WANT YOU TO.

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