This Things I Believe

A popcorn kernel sleeve stabbing just the right gum tissue can send a good woman to the brink of insanity.  #FLOSS

We’re not as willing to give up NYC as our first American casualty as every major motion picture would have you believe. Can we maybe fight the next aliens somewhere like Omaha? (Forgive me, Omaha. But it’s Manhattan. And I’m tired of seeing her get ravaged.)

And also, why does everything have to become a movement? Like, natural hair used to mean one didn’t use relaxers. Now it’s taking on that whole fifth-level-vegan feel where people give you side-eye if you use things they don’t “believe” in using. O_O It feels like that episode of the Simpsons where the moms take their kids to the emergency room because Marge used a non-stick pan on the muffins and served the juice in the bad-kind-of-plastic sippies. Le sigh. Now, don’t get me wrong. Some of these natural hair bloggers are genius and I want them to just do my hair everyday, but sometimes it’s just EXTRA. Exhausting, even. Brother!

Now that this post is three days old…I should probably just release it into the wild…

8 thoughts on “This Things I Believe

    • See then we’d actually have to depend on STORY – and no, Huge Disaster Movie, I don’t just mean sweeping shots of kids playing baseball on a backdrop of wheat fields or American flags. There’s nothing wrong with that imagery but dear LORD is it manipulative and lazy! Make me care about the place FIRST and then when it starts getting blown to heck, I’ll care and not just because I’m imagining real life. (Have I mentioned depending on real life to evoke feelings about a story is super lazy in this context? K.)


      • Ooooh, Bethany! You just wrote some PROFOUND’NESS! (sorry, I’m in a silly mood at the moment) And I agree with you. It IS lazy and manipulative…and meatless. It seems to be all about money and numbers these days. Sadly, the ART of storytelling isn’t very popular.


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