Don’t Speak

‘Member that movie Bullets Over Broadway? (That name totally popped to mind and now I’m wondering if it’s really the right one because I haven’t thought of that movie in YEARS.) But Dianne Wiest says, at one point, “No, no, don’t speak” – and Imma need girlfriend to have a chat with this guy.

How…exactly…do you get that out of touch with the experiences of others? Now I’ve Anon-ed him and the recipient of this ridiculousness for their sake but I needed you to see the avatar for obvious reasons. At what point does a grown white American man feel like he has such a handle on the reality of institutionalized racism, cultural history of oppression and all the effects that are still woven into our country and dozens more that he trusts himself – IN HIS PRIVILEGE – enough to make that sort of statement. The sort of statement that is followed by a declaration that I’m actually going to overlook as an intellectual since I didn’t click on his page and read the rest of the conversation. I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s not compounding his insensitivity. But hey, just as a reminder, people are getting crucified (<–hyperbole) over their chosen words and “your kind” doesn’t exactly seem like the best way to describe a group of people, particularly given the first part of his message. See, there’s that demand to be the bigger person with which healthy people of color are so familiar. On top of still enjoying and appreciating our national heritage despite its flaws, we apparently must also put up with our experiences – the ones that hey may not be the end of the world to us anymore but they sure as heck would be the end of the world to you if you woke up in our place tomorrow – being disregarded or undermined.

That’s pretty much it. I just needed to say this: Shame on you.

*BTW, race is in quotes because its existence is still in dispute. >.>


5 thoughts on “Don’t Speak

  1. Also, thank you for putting into (eloquent) words what I have tried to explain to people time and time again.
    “but they sure as heck would be the end of the world to you if you woke up in our place tomorrow”


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