Hangin’ On Like A Yo-Yo

And then anyway.

I killed a character on Sims 3 to spice things up. >.> I just think you guys should know what kind of person I am today.

Other things:

1) Pretty sure every one of those ~400 words for the new WIP was a false start. So. Pfffffffffffft.

2) I ask my dog questions and he answers me. >.> Seriously. Otherwise how would I know when he needs to go outside vs. to be given more water. (It’s like when you hear a toddler babbling but their mom is answering them like they’re making sense. Which obviously they are…to the mom.) #ThisIsNormal #ThatWasntAQuestion

3) My tiny big sister, Jen-the-Twin, who BY THE WAY IS A MODEL NOW BUT DON’T TELL HER I TOLD YOU YET, is in Canadia but not near me. Which. Sux.

4) I’m all caught up on Alphas, which is a show loved by my hubs and I. Malik Yoba, David Straitharn, a lead character who’s not neuro-typical AND Callum Keith Rennie (spoiler alert: …)?! Right. You had me at hello. AND despite being on SyFy (whose name makes me wanna punch it excessively), it manages to be well done visually AND plot/dialogue-wise. Which just proves they’re superheroes, I think.

Super, but human?! Is that the tagline, Syfy?! (Dumb.)

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.


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