All The Choirs In My Head Say…

Listening to Breath of Life, Florence + the Machine…video at the end.

Yes, I saw SWATH and yes, I had comments. For me, it was sort of an obvious first film. Lemme put it this way – okay, first, I enjoyed it overall and really enjoyed parts of it – I didn’t take the holes (or anti-climax on two occasions) and lack of resolution in the love “triangle” to mean a sequel was warranted. >.> And I know the modern world wants us to be able to separate the people from the art but yeah, the recent news about the lead and the director (and the director’s wife being in the film!) does make me less than excited to pay to watch them work together again. No one recuses themselves anymore though, do they.

Anyway, that’s *not* what I came to talk about.

I need to read Cloud Atlas, to see how it’s done. I’ve always read this way so I don’t automatically assume that’s because I’m a writer… but maybe other people don’t ache to read something because they want to see how it’s done. Sigh. I hate saying things that encourage stereotypes – but reading this way and for pleasure aren’t mutually exclusive. That is pleasure.

And, at seemingly long last, my brain has found a NEW story – or its beginning – to gum on. Things it might be: a short story, even though I’d love to write another novella; general, psychosomatic where I’d like the cause to be speculative… no, that’s not right. I love psychosomatic as a cause *and* I hope the last breakthrough before I start to write is speculative – something that defines setting or…

Hey, look over there!! —>

::dashes away::

Florence. That. Girl. Kills it. For real, for real.


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