Ease On Down The Road

It’s out of respect for you that I haven’t written, I want you to know that. Well. That and the fact that anything I wanted to talk about that took more than 140 characters has been journal-suited, not blog-suited. Which is generally misleading but whatever. The point is holy crap, June is ending. O_O

…The above was clearly written in June. Doggone it, people, why have I had nothing blogly to say?? So, the best thing to do here is pretend this is a daily fashion blog (like JenJens!) and throw some Sunday pictures atchu, I think. (You get no say.)

Hair sash you can’t see: Iunno.

(that’s not a brand, I just don’t remember)

Sleeveless tunic top: Victoria’s Secret Catalogue, circa 2003?

Three-in-one skirt: JCrew

Roman sandals: Victoria’s Secret Catalogue, circa 2002?

Purse: Walmart (It was $12…you need to know that.)

Oh and that birdcage charm in rose copper is Fossil. Shout-out. The star on my pocket is a JCrew accessory. And obviously I use to VS catalogue shop un peu. It was my raison d’etre before I came to understand JCrew’s divinity.

Finally, I hate standing and smiling for pictures so I pretty much refuse to do so (smile). Hubby got me to laugh, probably by threatening me in some outlandish way, I think. Who can remember such things. Anyway, he was pretty proud of himself.

And just like that. I’ve finally blogged. ::glitter cannon::



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