Bits of Random

Is it possible that the last time I opened this document was five years ago to the day?! That just seems. O_O Creepy. And the last time I printed it was two years before that, apparently. Geesh. Who says you can never go home again. Of course, I’m opening it to destroy it. Strip it for parts is misleading – makes it sound like I’ll use what I keep for another project. So really I’m tearing it down but preserving the landscape? Something like that. #BoringYou

So then – like four days later – I returned. Mostly because I saw a headline about people who… interfere with children “fighting” for their right to be on facebook. Of course, my very succinct response is, “Say what? Once more? You want what? To not be taken care of by this unsavory bloke I found in a dark alley with an impressive collection of knives? Right, then stand down.” This is what happens when we forget that protecting children should trump a criminal’s “rights”. Question – that may have been answered in the article but probably not because it’s yahoo news – would they be required to have a Megan’s Law seal or some-such on their profiles so that we all know who they are, as is stipulated in their registration, or would their desire to engage in “normal public discussion” outweigh the fact that there are young teens on the site? #Curious



…this has been a man drawer post.


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