Behold, Kizzy!

You’re right. So sorry. That title has nothing to do with anything.

More things that are of devastating intrigue to me. The fact that Word 2007 shows what may or may not be an entirely accurate set of editing hours for a document. I have no idea what the parameters or limitations are, but I do know that I have compiled a list of my first draft hours for The Last Life of Avrilis, Cait After Exile and Keepsake. They vary so widely that I’m sure there are unknown variables involved. But I’m also “sure” simply keeping a document open couldn’t attach any hours to the total as I basically do not close them when I’m working on a wip. Or at least they would cancel each other out to some degree, since I do so with all of them. Of course it took me three times as long to write the first draft of Keepsake – which is a novella and therefore half the length of the other two – so [insert deduction that is sage and reasonable].

The point is that I love it. And will continue to admire my list that ultimately amounts to nothing but then why do these things make us so happy? Writers, I mean. Because I assume I’m not the only one amused by the 758.17 hours of Keepsake and 537.75 hours of Cait. I’m not even going to say where Avrilis fell.

And if anyone has any idea why my wordpress reader is suddenly empty even though I’m subscribed to all the same blogs I ever was, please feel free to m’expliquer!

So in summary. Fun – checking out the total editing hours on a document. No fun – losing wordpress reader functionality.


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