This Things I Believe!

Hello, my treasures! ‘Tis Good Friday! Okay, I’m done with that. Whatever that was. Here’s this!

I used to read BC every day in the comics. >.> Which is where everyone read it, too. <.< Shut up.

When I was a kid, we didn’t go to a church that explained the significance of Good Friday and the rest of Easter weekend. Yes, the obvious significance of offering salvation – and maybe some would say that’s all that matters – but not the way everything that happened was a fulfillment of an Old Testament prophecy and the significance it had for Jewish believers. Since Jesus himself was Jewish and my faith is based on his being the fulfillment of that faith, I’m so glad that my son is a part of a church that studies the Scripture and teaches him to do the same. The Lord says, Come, reason with me. Not come believe in unicorns.

Today commemorates his crucifixion. Today commemorates his taking the place of the Passover lamb, but for everyone and forever.

Literary professionals are always reminding writers that our blogs and social media presences are important when it comes to making an impression and informing them of whether we’re the type of writer they want to work with. ::waves to them:: Have a blessed Good Friday!


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