Lucky 7 Meme

Okay, my Twitter bestie, Stephanie, tagged me for the Lucky 7 dealie! And for the sake of doing this correctly, I’m gonna post the rules for the meme first!

The Rules:
  • Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP.
  • Go to line 7.
  • Copy down the next 7 lines–sentences or paragraphs–and post them on your blog.
  • Tag 7 authors and let them know 😉

Only problem is…pretty sure most of my writer friends have done this? So – as I am wont to do – I’m gonna tweak the last one and invite anyone with a wip that I don’t know about to share your seven in the comments (or on your blog, if you have one and want it on yours)!

Except Lisa. O_O Lisa must do this.

So I’m using Keepsake, my speculative literary novella. Get ready. It’s a really gripping seven sentences! (Is she joking?)

In the moment that followed, all I could feel was his warm hand on the bare skin of my elbow. “What color was it originally?”

When he stepped back and turned to face the house, it was as though he too was seeing it for the first time.

“Sort of a rose. Or salmon, Dolores once called it. I don’t know the difference.” I was becoming accustomed to the occasional revelation of a dimple in his right cheek and I admired it rather than explain how very different one color was from the other.

Tada! Now show me yours. O_O


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