This Is No Ordinary Love

I couldn’t blog about The Civil Wars when I was over the moon because you only get that feeling once. I can remember several instances of “I want to die with this song”, when I could listen to it a dozen times and feel the tingles shooting up through my chest every time. If I’m lucky, there’s a part of a song that can do that forever (e.g. the climax of the prelude to Bach’s cello suite no.1) – but more likely, you have to love hard because the locking-myself-in-a-room-with-you stage can’t last forever. Sigh. Lament.

But something is still gorgeous about them. It’s almost heart-stopping the way they look at each other while they sing. Even with the sound off – which I take to mean, even if they didn’t sing like the single soul of an ANGEL – I almost cry when I watch this.

It also didn’t help the way they sang “home” while performing in my redwoods. ::waves to college years::

Yeah. My husband and I watched about five videos in a row. It was a cuddle fest and I’m not sorry.

I waited to blog about this not just because sometimes I have to enjoy something rather than write about it (I know, it’s a scary concept for me) – but also because I didn’t want to bombard you with a jillion videos. (Seriously, who knew their Michael Jackson covers would be so freakin’awesome!?) But I can’t not post this next one. And you can beg and then I’ll post seventeen more videos later. >.>

::Rushing before we fade to black:: Oh! And also –



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