When Authors Are Awesome

The Autograph Is Awesomesauce

The title of that picture should be Verklemption.Which also sounds like a fragrance now.

So this is what happened when author Brandon Sanderson wrote the awesomest message before signing the book. I guess Andy deserves some credit, since he’s the one who actually went to the book signing and told Mr. Sanderson (wait, that makes him sound like an 8th grade social studies teacher…no, that was Mr. Mothersole. Carry on.) about the “big shelf”. Oh, I guess you’ll wanna know what it said and why it was awesome.

Josh – Hope I make it to the big shelf…

^.^ This was hilarious because he either had to just write whatever Andy told him to (which he does, which is already awesome) or he had to let Andy tell him how we brought one bookshelf to Montreal. And how we therefore had to decide who got to go on the big shelf. Seeing as I’m a pretty discriminating purchaser of books, all mine are good. Aside from our books from university, which of COURSE go on the big shelf, Josh reads pulp science fiction and also the Left Behind series so… there was a chicken coop-esque smaller book holder (that’s as classy a name as it gets) that was more like a literary lean-to.

Brandon Sanderson is cooler yet because we felt we had to email him to say thanks, since we didn’t actually get to meet him. And he wrote back! Seriously, he’s one of our favorites for life. I follow him on Twitter and Facebook so I get to hear how he makes other people’s day all the time, too. You rock, sir.

I don’t think it can be overstated how amazing experiences like that are.

So, number two:

Ezra and his How To Train Your Dragon Series. So you know how his grandma gave him the first book when he was six because he we are rightfully obsessed with the masterpiece that is the movie? And you know how he looks smacktacular when he’s reading? Okay, but anyway so he’s now on the sixth book in the series and he has never loved one of the books this much. Which is saying a lot. He has been so excited about this book that he is tearing through it and instead of restricting himself to a chapter a day (which he used to do unless the chapter was really short), he’s been reading three. So he’s sitting next to me and every couple minutes he asked if he could go. When I realized he’d been asking to go on to the next chapter (he makes rules and then tricks himself into thinking I made them…), I was like. I have to write this woman. So I did.

While he was breathing really quickly next to me and saying aloud how the Hairy Scary Librarian is without. mercy! I wrote Cressida Cowell and told her all about it. (I misspoke at one point and accidentally said he finished the first book on his sixth birthday instead of his seventh – FORGIVE ME, CRESSIDA!! Tell me why I’ve been freaking out about that.)

The next day – the next morning – she’d written back. This is how I looked.

So now I had to be giddy all day waiting for Ezra to get home from school so he could read the email. 🙂 To which he responded with the biggest, most painful looking grin ever. It was awesome.

Cressida Cowell is even more awesome because that same day she emailed again. Only I can’t talk about it or Ezra will find out. O_O Because you guys talk so often. And also because he reads over my shoulder so I could never come back to my blog. O_O Seriously, it’s killing me.

BUT it’s time for the verdict.




4 thoughts on “When Authors Are Awesome

  1. I love it when that happens (i.e. when authors/directors/etc write back and also when people are just awesome, that’s always good times). Reminds me of the time I wrote an author when I was 11 or 12, she was this Christian romance author and I was really pissed about her interracial romance. The heroine was white and the hero was half Native. She couldn’t cook, did a passable job of cleaning, basically the dude did not wive it wealthily but his dad (probably a chief) tells him: Marrying a white woman is good. And MAN, that pissed my 12 year old behind OFF. Also, REMEMBER THE MANDY BOOKS? Anyway, I wrote her a letter and asked her why she wrote such an annoying book and…she wrote me back. >.>

    Wish I’d kept that letter.


      • She thanked me for writing and then started in on: you see, back in the olden times…white women were gods.
        Heh. not really.
        Did I mention the the hero had a brother who looked more Native and married a Native woman and was therefore evil, but see, the hero had blue eyes and married “up” and spoke english, etc so he was obviously a good person??
        Anyway, her letter did not soothe my savage breast (I’m on a roll!) and I was well unimpressed by her explanation although I know now that it had some truth to it.


        • There’s a difference between “this was true in olden times and I’m writing a painstakingly historically accurate portrait of it because [insert good reason here]” and “I’m white and this made me feel good so I wrote it, completely insensitive to the audacity and general grossness”. She’s the latter.


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