I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts

Sometimes I think writers have all the fun. Take last night for instance. My current WIP is a previous novel, which is to say it’s a rewrite. (Yes, we do that. Okay, not all of us. … Does hive-mind exist for *any* group?) So anyway. It’s something. By which I mean, I can’t translate what I mean and I don’t know if you’d care anyway. But it’s legitimately a rewrite and I had the most fun idea ever, which turned out to be as much fun in execution as I expected – and how often does *that* happen? Two words: Compare. Documents.

Seriously, it’s consuming, and I’m only 29k in. It also confirms that it’s not just me – it really is different. You’ve either already experienced this because you’re a writer or you’re not a writer so you don’t care to do this. (Two options. That’s it. I’ve decided.) But this is how I geek out so I shared anyway, WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

You know what Word *should* have? A word-count-to-this-point function, as in one where you right click after a word and it tells you the word count up to that point. ‘Cause that’d be sweet. … I should sell that.

And then someday I’ll talk to you about the two Sams of Being Human (except I’ll refer to them by their character names of Aidan and Josh, which is less confusing and also I’m referring to the “American” version and it’s SO not Boston so as my Jen-the-twin says, let’s give up that ghost ::snort::) and how everything’s more fun when you and your sister who live in different countries watch it at different times and then have cryptic Facebook conversation threads about it. Oh my job, we should totally do a vlog together somehow if that’s technologically possible. But for now, let me close with this: sleepiness is the new drunk. That or I’m legit dying. Like sooper close to death right now and I should probably *not* try to go back to writing. Can you imagine me just writing pages and pages of nonsense?



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