The Future’s So Bright

No, I’m kidding – this post will not be about resolutions or 2012 in pretty much any way. As a matter of fact, without the characteristics of winter I’ve come to know and love, my body/brain isn’t even really willing to accept that *Christmas* has come, let alone New Year’s. I’ll keep you posted as this geographical/denial-of-time-passage unfolds. (Watches you hold your breath.)

But there are things. … >.>

And those things (above) were written right after the New Year, if that gives you some indication of how I totally meant to call you but then I lost my phone and it had all my contacts in it! Now I’ve waited so long to tell you about the great pilgrimage to California (with a stop off in Portland) that I was actually a little scared to come back here. I thought of just leaving the stove on and tossing a lit match in the vicinity, believe me. And then I watched a little ditty called Real Steel on one of the flights home and thought, this ish writes itself. (Not the movie. Nobody wrote that.) And then I felt kinda guilty for trying to regain your love with movie reviews – but let’s be real, what’s better than a review of something that bad? Really? (Please remind me to ask Hugh Jackman what the devil is WRONG with him. His other bad taste isn’t his fault, he’s Australian, but really? The level of corn and lameness he’s willing to spew. It was as bad as the “computer hacking” scene in Swordfish.)

And then, you know, real things happened, family things, personal things, spiritual things – all of which are the same things, just different levels. And instead of those things, here’s a list.

(1) Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes – everything I hoped for. Everything I need. Brought the movie home (thanks, Christmas!) but watched it five or so times in our three week vacation. And if that doesn’t seem like a lot…we also watched Book of Eli as many times. And Napoleon Dynamite.

(2) This. (Remember, that’s that thing we say when there’s no need to try and introduce or paraphrase what was already perfectly stated.) A Salon article on the unacknowledged offensiveness of “not seeing race”- LINK IT UP.

(3) Powell Books – You don’t seem to know dystopian is too saturated. I’m not writing this in defense of anything, just as an observation that an extremely popular bookstore (to understate it) does this:

Which I love.

(4) My speculative concept/literary style novella, Keepsake, is finished. And I love it hard. I was gonna say hardly but that sounded like the opposite of what I’m saying.

(5) At one point – for several days – I was in a house with five little boys between the ages of 7 years and 3 months. And it was lovely. And in that same timeframe I was with my Jen-the-Twin!

Totally the most complementary picture I can find of us.

(6) I came home to a snow globe. ❤


5 thoughts on “The Future’s So Bright

  1. I don’t even know where to start. Except to say that I will be borrowing your copy of rise of the planet of the apes. Also, it would’ve been nice if you’d have thought to bring some of that cali weather back with you… how rude.


  2. I am disappointed that you didn’t give any examples of why Real Steel was such a good movie. How can the entertainment starved public be enticed to have their dreams fulfilled if you do not wet their appetite. I will help you: watching Hugh shadow box causes not one, but two characters to shed tears of joy. Its truly magical.

    On a side not, glad to be home as well.


    • I am not an editor and I do NOT routinely edit in my mind. But I’ve never wet anyone’s appetite before so I’m superbly curious as to how I should go about this. And I will from here on out refer to side nots.

      And also – BEST EXAMPLE EVER. You may have a guest blog coming up, sir.


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