On. My. Mind.

Oh Soul 4 Real and Heavy D.

In Thoughts That Just Occurred To Me: I have an embarrassingly hard time remembering how to spell “occurred” and “occasion” properly. Stupid r’s and s’s.

In No, Really This Time – Thoughts That Just Occurred To Me: December is the fastest month of the year and this is the week before Christmas. O_O How the H did that HAPPEN?

In Thoughts From Last Night: I don’t ever want to forget the derelict, possibly inebriated gentleman who greeted metro entrants by sing-yelling “Solid As A Rock”. I was thisclose to breaking into dance. This is why Josh and I should be together at all. times.

Secondly, no matter how long of a streak I develop writing in any particular way (by which I mean, writing and revising solely on the screen, for example), I will inevitably reach a point where I *must* revert to the previous method (in this case, printing recent pages and editing/expanding in the margins and the trance taking over and then, mercy of mercies, typing the new ink into font and *why* does that feel so good?!)… Last night. So good.

In Thoughts I’ve Been Gumming For A While: Marching Band is awesome. No, we already know that.

But recently – and surprisingly, for the first time – it occurred to me (how often I use that word to have such stupid brain-farts every time I do)… how it reflects my relationship with God. That might sound strange, depending on one’s beliefs, but it makes sense – my spiritual life is more relevant than my physical life and the latter is constantly used to enrich the former. Not every example is appropriate for outsider consumption, but this one is.

The gist of competitive marching band protocol is that you come onto the field (if field show; usually the street, if parade competition) knowing exactly what is required of you. You have memorized the music; you have memorized your positions/steps; you are aware of the routines of those surrounding you; you ostensibly have an internal metronome and are “capable” of keeping time. All things considered, it’s understandable that sometimes you neglect to look at the drum major.

Now the drum major is an awesome girl with a beautiful singing talent, a striking matador-themed skirt and cape – not sure the boots or hat were exactly accurate but they looked great on her – and an impeccably precise demonstration of keeping time. (Shout out to Lindsay and while I am being quite specific because I actually had the pleasure of being in marching band, this really does relate.) Other drum majors have a mace; she doesn’t. Other drum majors are tall and imposing; she’s not especially so. But she’s standing at the “front” of the field, on her podium, giving direction. And if you take your eyes off of her… you’re screwed.

Not because you don’t know what to do. Or think you know. Not because you can’t keep time. Or think you can. But because when you’re not looking at the drum major, you’re phasing before you know it. And that’s the thing – without looking back, you might not know it – but the drum major does. The drum major sees where you are, where you were and where you’re going – but you can’t. You’re flush with the field. And if it’s practice and the only noise is coming from your group, you’ll hear when the drum major calls out, “Look at me!” If you’re competing? You’re out of luck – and so are the people around you, the people depending on you.

My religion is the part I know before I get on the field, what let me know how to prepare, if that makes sense. It cannot and is not meant to take the place of a personal relationship with the Lord. He stands at the front telling me to keep my eyes on Him, lest I make a mess of this.

Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. ~ Hebrews 12:1

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