I Believe The Children Are The Future

Ezra wrote three stories in the Buzzy short story series – inspired by the desire for me to “make [his] book the way [I] make [mine].” So basically he wanted me to make him a hard copy in actual book form (I use Lulu to make myself a finished copy – and then I revise and have to make another one) and I told him he needed more material. Thus Buzzy’s story include: Buzzy and the Wolf, Buzzy Buys New Pets and Buzzy Goes To School. He dictated, Daddy transcribed. That’s all over now.

Maybe he was tired of waiting for me to give him the green light (it’s part of being a writer, my son) or maybe he was just finished with Buzzy’s world because since then he has taken to making his own little booklets made with staples and computer paper. He commissioned Daddy for the cover of the first mini book but for the sequel? All Ezra. Can I just tell you what it’s about now, because O_O

It’s called…Frogchow the Frog. It’s about a frog whose real name is George and who “dreams that he is a superhero. His power is jumping higher than a frog would.” And lemme tell you, things happen quick for this frog with the name made of pure awesome. One minute he’s eatin’ cookies, the next he’s playing in the park and “finally” he (abruptly) becomes a superhero just like he always hoped. Talk about intense, the pacing is lightning fast. By page two of what I think is a three page sequel, he’s married. And if you thought the story ended there, you were wrong. Written on the back  cover? “Frogchow the Frog 3 is coming up soon. Get ready for another crazy adventure!”

And ready, we are!

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