All These Things That I’ve Done

In unnecessary list form:

(1) Recalled how in love with The Killers’ debut album I was. When last I shopped at Yellow, they were playing it. What makes my favorite Canadian shoe store even better? That.

(2) Had confirmed that E-readers do not do two of three things a good book MUST do. (I) Smell good. (II) Make introductions. To understand this, we must proceed to:

(3) Realized I have changed from my native Californian upbringing. See, on the west coast, transit time is personal, alone and sometimes quiet time. Of course, this is probably most true because there is no public transportation so well managed as to be a characteristic of the location. (Who thinks of NYC without thinking of the subway? Not me. And that’s all that matters…) But in the past week I have had two sudden conversations that were not just apologies for falling into someone when the train jerked. And one such conversation is credited to a book.

A girl got on at Atwater reading a hardcover of Catching Fire. At first I just smiled and kept listening to my music but when we both got off on Lionel and transferred to the same line, I felt it was a sign that we should be friends so, of course, I asked her what she thought of the trailer (for Hunger Games) and that began a conversation that made me almost miss my stop while we gawked in disappointment at being separated. We did, at the last moment, exchange names (having had the entire conversation without doing so) and of course it was only after I began walking from the train that I realized we might not see each other again…since names are all we exchanged. Darn it.

(4) Celebrated my third American Thanksgiving in Montreal. Canadian Thanksgiving is early in October – far too early for any American to comprehend – and is just not as big a deal. You’d think 4th of July would be the biggest deal to an American, but ask any expatriate and the fanfare was really always about Thanksgiving – and apparently the rest of the world knows it. Thankfully, we have a wonderful church family and there’s one amazingly hospitable lady who – among the millions of other things she does – hosts American Thanksgiving each year for those of us away from home. (Shout out to Valencia!)

(5) Finally uploaded pictures to the hubby’s computer to transfer to my computer (since I cannot state enough times how horrifying and depressing it is to not have USB or audio capability on my laptop anymore!) and therefore have a picture I meant to discuss ages ago, to the sole enjoyment of Jen-the-twin – if her at all.

Something something broaches something something want more.


3 thoughts on “All These Things That I’ve Done

  1. Speaking of which, Thanksgiving that is, I need to buy some more cranberry sauce to go with the left over turkey for sandwiches and the like. And I was very pleased with my first pie. I have a gift, I have a gift, I do, I really, really do.


  2. I literally JUST had that conversation with Alex about my Kindle. I love it dearly, and my gold leather cover (it makes me feel like i’m reading the neverending story or something) but i’m sad i can’t look at the actual book cover, no doubt painstakingly chosen/created for that book.


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