Tis The Season

First, let me just say: I know. I only review things that are so good I’m too gobsmacked to even properly present them or that are so bad that it’s just me with a cat of nine tails, lashing away until – one can only hope – I’ve killed it. ::Draws now-muscular arm back for one last whoopin’:: “Is it…is it dead?”

So guess what kind of review this is gonna be? Here’s a hint.

Sidebar: This couple is awesome.

When I first heard this song about a week ago, I almost lost my ish. For real. O_O The gift God wrapped for ME was growing up on the west coast and having *never* heard this atrocity. Because, seriously, Brenda White? That was enough to make me go on a holiday-fueled killing spree.

DID YOU GUYS KNOW THAT CHRISTMAS IN THE NORTHWEST IS APPARENTLY A CHILD’S ANSWERED PRAYER?! No, neither did I! And that if you take away the presents, it’s STILL a dream. WHY, you ask? Oh, because it RAINS.


I’m done.


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