Things That Make You Go Hmm

Things At Which I Do Not Tear Up: Pictures of the Harry Potter kids on the last day of shooting. And no, not just because they’re Harry Potter kids. I think I’ve said at least once before that the ginger boy is jdisjfolisjdif. So, to disabuse you of any bias/general disinterest you may think associated with my lack of sentimonies – pictures of the cast of Lord of the Rings don’t tear me up either. You know why? I wasn’t there. I can completely imagine how heartwarming+breaking it must be to go through such a long, creative process together. But I didn’t. So. Yay for you? I can’t be bovved. I need people who are basically just saying they loved the *movies* to stop getting emotional over the process they didn’t witness. Thirsty.

Yesterday On The Metro: A woman was wearing an entire ensemble in a variety of purples. For some reason, I thought she was an extra from Fame. She had one of those page boy hats that I don’t understand on women. It’s like, I get that it’s supposed to be urban and whatnot but it’s just passe. And no, I’m not just irritated at something else and blaming it on page boy hats. They really do suck. So this one was like brushed cotton or something and it was also maroon? She had on lavender tights and shin-high boots made of maroon suede. O_O G’head and assume scarf and dress were in the same color family – since I already said as much. So the thing that was weird was that the woman was in her late 70s at the youngest. And I know what you’re gonna say: that’s so cute, she’s so youthful, but apparently you can’t fake out age.

The train was coming up on Jean-Talon and about half the passengers got up and faced the door that would open when we stopped. She stood up and faced the doors on the opposite side. I raised an eyebrow but was like, maybe she’s getting off on the stop after? If it’s on that side? What clinched it was when the train stopped and the doors BEHIND her opened, she walked INTO the closed doors in front of her. O_O

So the lesson here is don’t wear maroon suede boots.

Lastly, in ARE YOU FOR REAL:

Aaaaand yeah. Can you taste that? CAN YOU?!


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