Of Pinterest And Perspicacity

Before we get to the main event, I have a PSA of great importance. I have recently decided… ::pause for tension:: … that perspicaciousness needs to become part of my twice daily vocabulary. Perspicaciousness. O_O No, seriously, that’s the awesomest, most underused word evar. ::Clears throat:: Perspicaciousness. I’m so glad I misspelled perspicacity so that I could stumble upon it’s handsome brother.

And now! For some reason, I need to here share a pin from each of my 8 boards on Pinterest – i.e. the second most awesome and necessary sites that at first seemed completely crazy (the chronological first being Twitter). And that’s not just because I’m awake at 2:32am! No! I seriously think that Pinterest is beginning to be a better representation of me than I am! And that someday I shall commission someone to fashion me a life out of my Pinterest boards. (That would be so freakin’ awesome, for serial.)

Board #1: Pretty Prose
This board began as solely things that make me think of or inspire me to write and quickly became a place to put my favorite quotes as well. Now to choose which better represents the board as a whole. (Stay tuned for reveal….)

And here it is!

Yeah, so it turns out, that wasn’t hard. It was really only between that (Printing Plates by FOSSIL) and the scroll journal, which I’ve already blogged about. (But it was still tempting cuz I’ve truly never gotten over it.)

Board #2: My Style
So the thing is that I apparently have two looks: Golden Era Gadabout and Boot-wearin’ City Girl (Who May or May Not Have Access To Horses).

To start, can we just agree that choosing a single, exemplary pin out of 119 that are there because nearly every one of them made me catch my breath and/or speak in tongues  is ridiculously harder than I anticipated? Kay. But this one makes my heart glad every time.

Le whimsy, le wonder.




Board #3: Imaginary Home
I choose a picture of my possibly overrepresented LOVE of hidden rooms as they pertain to bookshelves!


Board #4: Let’s Go To There
This board is chocked full of images that make me wanna snatch my passport. Sometimes it’s a place that just looks too jamazing to be real, rarely it’s a place I’ve been (like the gorgeous Multnomah Falls) and a few times it’s just a door or a tree that makes me imagine a world I want to know. (I just did inkie-binkie-bonkie to make up my mind between two hauntingly beautiful pins, just so you know. Germany won.)


Board #5: The Perfect Party
This one’s easy. It is a board to post inspiration photos for the party I mean to have with my sisters. Mumford & Son shall play the songs, tweed shall be the skirts, and here is the setting!


Board #6: I Guess I Pin Food Now
I have no intention of getting into the food-pinnage, but there’s just too much yummy stuff. And, truth be told, it’s already paid off. The hubster saw one of my pins (the one where you use chocolate cake mix in the waffle iron and have it with a scoop of ice cream and sliced strawberries) and made it for me! Score, children. Score. The following are Grilled Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers with Vintage Cheese.


Board #7: Next Haircut
Technically, I have cut my hair since starting this board, but it shall be done again. This is the perfect way to capture images when you see them online and then know where to find them when you need to print it out for your hairdresser!

It was a toss-up between this one and a shorter do, but I didn’t feel like having a celebrity pic on my page so. I went with the one that I was SURE was the one…until I found the next picture…and the next one… and so on.

Board #8: Favorites
Began with books, added Sir Anthony Hopkins and now it’s lots of animals being cuter than should be possible. O_O Yep. I’m one of those now.

For this one, I must give the description I pinned with it:

Surprising and encompassing, this movie completely took me in. By the end, I honestly believed every emotion I’d experienced had been precisely manipulated by the director, even when I wondered if the point was being belabored in the first half. #WatchThisSoWeCanTalkAboutIt

But seriously, I couldn’t think of anything else for two days after watching it. GAH!

And that, children, is but a taste of what awaits you! Get thee to heaven, Beatrice! Get thee to heaven!*

*For the purpose of this post, heaven refers to Pinterest. Feel like that was obvious.



5 thoughts on “Of Pinterest And Perspicacity

  1. The secret rooms is my favorite. We shall have no real doors besides the front door and those for balconies and terraces, essentially just doors that lead outside.

    Parties will be amazing: “Sure, the bathroom is down the hall on the left” and then I laugh as I whatch my hidden camera while they try hopelessly to find the door.


  2. B – the photos are amazing! Think I missed the explanation of your Pinterest (pertaining to things you pine for?) but certainly agree w/your adoration of perspicacity’s bro, the extremely handsome, perspicaciousness.


    • Hi, fellow QTer! 🙂 Pinterest is a website, if you haven’t already become obsessed – I mean, been formally introduced – where you collect and organize images you like. See, that makes me sound crazy but it’s AWESOME. 😀


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