The Eyes Are The Windows To The Skull

We’re gonna pretend like that has some relevance other than the fact that I just got it in my head to take close up pictures of our eyes today. (Like, several pictures for each, by the way)… and apparently I have something against the other side of our faces because we all got the same side photographed. Also, how come I can’t have naturally dramatic eyebrows like the boys? How’s that fair? And before you go, you know you can shape them yourself with plucking and junk – no, I can’t. ‘Cause I don’t wanna. (I also don’t wear make-up. GASP.)

Have I mentioned, I love Ezra’s eye? O_O And I have an unhealthy disdain for mine? (What is *that* about?!) I’m really irritated that I couldn’t get Josh’s before it went all chameleon green on me. Further boggling my already boggled mind. How. Do. Eyes. Change. Color. (Don’t answer that. I know the explanation, I just can’t get over looking at my husband’s eyes and them looking different.)

How much do you hate unintentionally offending someone?


6 thoughts on “The Eyes Are The Windows To The Skull

  1. I love the photographs 🙂
    Good for you for not wearing make-up! I’m horribly vain, and no doubt there are more valuable things to do with my time besides worry to bits if I’ve done my eyeliner correctly. 😉


    • Oh, I’m still vain in my own way. Or is it arrogant? If I thought make-up were necessary, I’d wear it. But once a year I do like to buy it and get really inspired by how fun and creative I plan to be. … Then, you know.


    • I put so much effort into the intended offenses that I feel it’s a lapse in professionalism when I do so unintentionally. (That’s probably a fake answer, but I think I can pull it off.)


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