Sick Sad World

Do you know how long it’s been since I uploaded pictures and videos onto my laptop? Me, who cannot breathe without writing it down? (God, that’d be horrible if that weren’t an exaggeration.) There are so many things I’m missing that – had my delightful child not destroyed altered my laptop – I would be sharing with friends and family.

For one thing, today Ezra had his first school chum over for a play-date. This was especially adorable because this child doesn’t speak or understand English so listening to the two of them play the Wii and express pride in their accomplishments was nothing short of epically hilarious. I would have loved to take some video of them but, I realize, when I can’t upload them, I don’t even bother taking pictures! Case in point, we also just had a great get-together with our favorite kid-filled family – and I took zero. No pictures, no nothing. Ridiculous. Which brings me to the thing I MUST document. While preparing the kids’ dinner plates, Ezra described the piece de resistance thusly: “These ribs will break your heart.”



I’ve just decided that I should draw you a representation each time I want to document something. Then I remembered that I can’t draw. Not in a funny way, like Hyperbole And A Half, where she clearly has some artistic talent. In the way that a semi-handicapped puppy can’t draw. As in, you would have no idea that a demon-possessed pencil didn‘t just scratch the heck out of that piece of paper.

I feel like you need some proof.In my defense… I tried really hard. That. That is apparently what my hand and Paint think my son looks like. In trying to demonstrate his lack of top teeth, I’ve actually given him ALL the teeth anyone ever had and also, apparently, I think my son is a scary woman. I feel like I nailed his physique though. So.

I think I’ve made my point.


2 thoughts on “Sick Sad World

  1. Soon we will have better technology once again. And, paint sucks for everyone just using a mouse. However, if you made Ezra into a squidbilly you could probably still use that mouth.


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