To Arms! (UPDATED)

This week in observations:

If you need Yahoo! to give you ten signs that “he’s a keeper”, you might not be. (That’s free.)

My husband who reads an agent blog – and before you say, just one?, recall that he’s not a writer and so he is awesome and supportive and precious – has written a fake query synopsis for a contest on said agent’s blog. Which he had no intention of entering – since he’s not a writer and therefore has no use for the prize – but he did graciously and magnanimously offer that I might use it myself. (I told you he was precious. Sometimes in that way southern people use it. ::taps nose::)

So the contest is for a bad logline and we’ll forgive the hubster for not knowing that a logline is not the same as a query synopsis.

An alien race has just entered earths atmosphere and they want just one thing: swine. All of them. Ham and bacon lovers around the world unite to save our taste buds, led by hot dog eating champion Dave Chester, who uses his vast stomach capacity for pork products to lead America in a fight for dietary freedom. 

First of all, let’s agree that would be no. laughing. matter.


Somebody wants to take my bacon? I think not, friends. TO ARMS!


(It’s about to go down.)

UPDATE: Hold on! ::holding sides, doubled over:: Hubby said he knows I didn’t post it because he went through the comment section of said blog to check. ::lmbo:: ::wipes tear:: Poor kid.


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