Whatever I Haven’t Already Used As A Title

Everybody likes lists.

(1) My son is too eloquent for my liking, most of the time. Thankfully, the loss of his two front teeth (and the subtle hissing sound that ushered in) and the pitch of his voice are comforting reminders that he is not, in fact, seventeen. But one word he still uses on a regular basis is “rememorizing”. Clearly, it’s a mixture of “remember” and “memorize” and together, I’m realizing, it makes a lot of sense. Remembering isn’t enough; you can recall something for a fleeting period of time. He wants to remember and then memorize it. I am totally using that. Rememorize.

(2) I rolled over the 10k mark in my loverly wip today – and because I’m lame, I have to sort out that a) it was 10.5k and b) it was a day and a half after I said I wanted to. And though this novel is a departure from my process for the previous two books (and also is a return to my now classic process), the problem wasn’t knowing what came next. It was writing it. So lame, but it happens.

(3) I’d blog about Ringer and all the ways it went wrong, but even the post would be boring. Somebody was too excited over the reveal and forgot to write the story. #Whoops #ThisSmellsLikeLonestar Here’s a hint: the viewer shouldn’t be (repeatedly) saying “she didn’t have to do that” or “why did she do that” or “why are we supposed to care” and especially not “please, honey, can we watch something else”. That last one was the hubby but I told him we’d be stronger as a couple if we powered through it. To be honest, I think a little piece of him died.

(4) Remember Lonestar?! (I hope no, seeing as it got cancelled after the second episode.) And I know what you’re thinking. Bethany, you’re awesome. But to answer the thought you are absolutely NOT thinking: No. I am not a sore winner. Justice is meant to be sweet. (And also, Law and Order UK, to which I referred in one of those posts? Yes, I did and yes, it WAS!)


10 thoughts on “Whatever I Haven’t Already Used As A Title

  1. I had forgotten about Ringer. The bad green screen was awesome. They had to be going for the Hitchcock throwback look, they just forgot to write, direct, and act like a Hitchcock film.


  2. 2 things: I’ve played many a board game with you, and you are indeed a sore winner. And B) so you’re saying your recent writing process has been NewBethany and was just a ploy so you could get twice the mileage by pushing your return to BethanyClassic? I, for one, am appalled.


    • SASHISHA!!!! I. need. you. in. my. life.

      And what can I say about the writing process… It’s been a year and two completed books of NewBethany, which may also have had to do with Speculative Fiction Bethany, if we don’t count magic realism in any way – and now we’re in SpeculativeConcept-LiteraryFocus BethanyClassic 1.5? So yes, you should refer to the recently updated subscription fees and taxes. (And the balloon payment is due 30 days from today, thankyoubye.)


  3. I often have to rememorize. I memorize stuff and have to memorize it again, like an hour later, lol. I’m getting so old…

    ps – when E gave that promo for Awana, my mom called me later and said: that kid is quite grown-up? Are we sure his mom wasn’t feeding him his lines? ha.


    • Every time he goes up there, I have palpitations. He always practices what he wants to say beforehand but every time he practices, he says something different and many times he says something personal about me. O_O I’m silently praying for him to please just stick to whatever prompt he’s been given.


  4. Too eloquent. I’m borrowing that. By which I mean every time I repeat it to my children “Stop being too eloquent for my liking” or as a description (see your use above), I’ll stop mid-sentence and credit you, Bethany.


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