Show and Tell

Today should be pretty full. And hopefully not full as in, wow, a bunch of my time just got sucked into this vortex of disorganization and disarray which does not belong to me. To anyone operating in such a way, a gentle reminder: sometimes God has a mind to bless you and you disallow it by being unprepared to accept His blessing. We’re all there at some point, I’m certain, but I don’t wanna put huge boulders in my own way.

Otherwise, what am I doing blogging right now? Well, first of all, it’s on the list. And secondly, how else would you guys know that Yahoo! News is the bane of my existence?! This is not the time for you to offer up some other news feed or email provider. Just let me vent about how much it’s making me think I hate Brad Pitt and we’ll move on. I qualify it with “think I hate” because I try to be reasonable and consider the fact that I don’t actually know the guy. And so I shouldn’t hold him to the irritating quotes (please stop complaining about how hard it was to make Interview with a Vampire, which we all loved and which you are now desecrating) or headlines they post (like how he’s apparently still gonna talk about what was wrong with his marriage because that’s not coarse and tacky) and which I inevitably speed-read when all I wanna do is switch between email accounts. This is why checking one’s email on a pda is so much better. (Go in peace, Mr. Pitt. ::waves hanky from harbor::)

Wanna talk to you about my newest WIP – OR BETTER YET ABOUT THE YEARS OLD WIP THAT I HAVE REENVISIONED SQUEEEEEEE – but of course I shan’t. Not for any silly, jinxing reasons, but because I refrain from discussing concept until I’m well into the draft. But stand really close and I’ll whisper emphatically and then that’ll stave off my insanity and you’ll realize that I really do love you, but to never ask me about my work. Because I am the Godfather. Or whoever said that.

OH OKAY, YOU TWISTED MY ARM! Here is a piece of eye candy/inspiration/story sliver from my newest WIP but don’t tell anyone!

Oh okay and this!

Le sigh. ::Fanning self::

And no, I am not writing about old timey bank robbers.


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