Fire, Ready, Aim!

[Full Disclosure: This was written like eleven hours ago and I’m not even gonna reread it before I post. Because that’s just the kind of guy I am this week.]

Truth: All I need as a catalyst to doing something is to have recently uttered, “I never do that.” It’s like I have an implacable case of You’re-Not-The-Boss-Of-Me’s…(the word “petulant” comes to mind, actually). So, at some point yesterday, I mentioned to the tribe that I don’t really blog about writing. And here we are.

I’ve repeatedly heard fellow writers talk about the early stages of writing a new wip. (How’s that for a first line, people? Boring, inconsequential, flat. I’m shaking my head right. now.) —> Okay, this is gonna be one of those stream-of-consciousness posts I so rarely do. *winkwink* Because wow, I honestly just reread that sentence to rate its effectiveness and wow factor. For a first line. Of the second body paragraph. Of a blog post. One of my blog posts, no less. I’ve officially gone off the reservation, y’all.

::takes forty paces back and rounds the corner::

Okay! So in speaking of these early stages, so many have agreed how it’s such a secret, personal thing at the beginning and that they’re too frightened of losing the magic (?) to talk about it too soon. Super strange to me. Whether we’re talking about the early stages of musing or writing, I can safely say that it is a constant struggle NOT to share. Every time I come to the first break in writing (let’s say the first five pages of a new story), I am dying to share it. Now, the Hubs doesn’t count because he reads almost line by line. If it’s a saved document, he’s read it. But then there’s like three or four people that I just MUST know what they think of the concept, if it’s clear (you’d never believe this but I swear sometimes I write sort of cryptically or confusingly?) … and especially because the past two years have been concept-concept-concept, I can’t share until I’m significantly into the project. That. Kills me. #ForSerious

Granted, (most of) the people I’m sharing my early work with aren’t in the industry in any way, shape or form. They’re not writing anything of their own, they’re not judging the marketability, etc. But HOW do you write an entire novel without that communal love? How.

Go, go, abrupt ending!



4 thoughts on “Fire, Ready, Aim!

  1. I’m constantly bouncing thoughts and ideas off Ba.D., who’s great at helping me work through stumbling blocks. Other than that, I might go days or weeks without mentioning a WIP. It’s only if I write something really hilarious or poignant that I feel a compulsion to tweet/share, which has its downsides. You might find yourself finishing a novel and cheering (as I did earlier this week) only to have your friends say, “Wait, you were working on something?” :p


    • My tweets are only of the #amwriting fare – word count, music I’m listening to, how I’m not staying on task. 🙂 The emails, they happen pretty frequently once I start writing, though they are at the beginning or at the end of a project. The friends always know! 😀


    • The first three novels I wrote – definitely the same theme, over and over. Thankfully, I can blame it on my tween-teen-ness. Otherwise I’d have to admit to some level of melodrama and that simply shall not stand.


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