In Which The Jig Is Up

Oh, guilt. You great motivator, you. So I do this thing where I tweet-confess to needing to blog so that someone (inevitably) will encourage me to do so. (Yes, Janelle, you are the muse today! And the swift decline in my kitchen’s pickle population is also your doing.)


“What’s the quickest, cheapest, easiest way to do something with you?” – “Show us pictures?” – “Anything for my little readers!”

So, basically, my newly-seven-year-old is an MG reading fiend. He’s currently reading the third book the How To Train Your Dragon series and the fact that he finished his first “real” book on his seventh birthday was sort of awesome. As is the fact that he reads on the subway. #NerdLove

“What else, Bethany?”

“[sigh] Oh, things.”


“Bite me.”

{Cuddles and kisses!}

ADDENDUM: Okay, I feel like I owe you an explanation. (Mind you, I felt this conviction seconds after initially publishing this post and not before.) I came home with EVERY intention of justifying your love…and then had to fill out the dreaded first day back to school forms that came with getting my little one from the iron claws of that school. And yeah, my brain juices, they are zapped. I’M SO SORRY!


8 thoughts on “In Which The Jig Is Up

  1. He is so cute!! And a reader?? I am a satisfied, pickle-eating blog reader! :o)

    Kudos!! (and I laughed at your pickle population joke, btw… And I’m filling out those dreaded forms right now…)


  2. While he is all about How to Train Your Dragon on a frequent basis, he still isn’t above smashing his plastic animals together in an all out battle royal for supreme dominance. Which is what he is doing right now, with muffled whispers directing the dialogue and epic sound effects. Right now I think it is Dragon vs Elephant vs Monkey vs Hulk. The Tiger is dead…The Tiger is dead.


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