You Are Hearing Me Talk

Hiiii, people! ::snickers to self because it somehow reminds me of a Simpsons episode…now laughing…now saying aloud, “Come ‘ere, people!”…slapping knee::

Mkay, so I’m here because it never ceases to amaze me how suddenly the next book concept and/or story materializes. After not sleeping, the new one came to me at 10:09 am yesterday morning. And it rocks. Like, seriously, I wasn’t even thinking about what I was gonna do next, seeing as I just edited last month. I thought I got speculative fiction out of my system enough to go back to “normal” – ignoring the fact that this may be the new norm. I also realized that upper YA is like saying “almost everybody” as far as demographic. Not in that everyone will read it – nothing will ever be read by everyone – but in that there still is really no such thing as New Adult (and I’m worried it’ll lock in on “the college years” the same way contemp YA seems to lock in on “the high school years”) and my MCs are aged based on the transitional period of life they’re in or I’m referencing, not based on the age of the intended reader. Never has the social system about which I’ve written involved high school (except when I was in high school) or anything remotely similar to real teenage life.  So sure, let’s call that crossover appeal, but really it’s making me wonder if there shouldn’t be a new category, instead of choosing one when it clearly falls on both sides of the line. If we’re gonna have categories, why not make them accurate. Right? AMIRIGHT? Right, but then people complain about them being too specific. Except then why have them at all, right? AMIRIGHT, FOLKS?!

I’m so not advertising this post. But thanks for letting me talk that out.


4 thoughts on “You Are Hearing Me Talk

  1. I think I write New Adult, when I try to write Young Adult. Otherwise, I just write adult. You know, Woody Allen-type stories that are more about how much life sucks than how it is “coming of age” into it.


    • The last two years have definitely been something like upper YA-New Adult. God, even saying “upper YA” is just as controversial as choosing between Black and African-American. People assume you’re making a commentary or personally attacking as opposed to being literal. Like, are you “enlightened” or pretentious. … I should so not be answering comments right now.


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