My Bonny Cait

I am so undecided as to whether or not I want to post the book trailer for my newest book, Cait After Exile. Don’t get me wrong, I FUH-LURVE it, but of course that’s not the only consideration. (1) I used all real people this time – as opposed to animation or at least relatively extensive masking techniques, (2) I’m bored with this list already so abort. For now, settle for some info about it. The short version, at least:

In an America divided by remarkable gifts, pubescent children live in exile – separated from the region that empowers them – to avoid being poached.

And yes, the line is entirely concept. I rather like it, but I’m starting to wonder about the use of the word “poached” (which was first questioned by Mumzy – who is coming tomorrow yaaaaaaaaaay!). It’s a word that is used frequently in the book itself, but I wonder if “dismembered and their body parts  sold on the black market for the purposes of witchcraft” isn’t more vivid. 🙂

Okay, I can’t help it, if not the book trailer, I DO wanna show you a poster, at least!

(Photo credits include Alvin Ailey dance photography)

Okay, so! First things first, the cast is multicultural. Or as I like to call it, realistic. I’m Black. I don’t think I should have to point out that my protagonist is Black. Probably assume that unless I indicate otherwise…which I’m not sure how I will because the plot probably won’t depend on or reflect it. The other characters are equally something-other-than-default except for Lynd, but the important thing is they’re American. Sigh. Such a sad conversation.

Anyway, second thing I feel the need to clarify, this book is not about ballet. 🙂 I actually wasn’t sure how I wanted to represent this book, especially since when I was making pictures for The Last Life of Avrilis, it was focusing a lot on the world itself. The world in Cait resembles ours, except for the fact that she’s from what could be call the UnUnited States, of which only the continental landmass remains. So I turned to their costumes, which are pretty prominent. For all intents and purposes, they’re leotards, each region represented by a color and style. (I HATE not telling the whole truth here but whatever.) So, black girl wearing blue leotard proffered almost entirely ballet photographs. And I kind of loved it, since the mantra by which the children get through the frightening years of exile is “Life Begins After Exile”. It sounded like movement to me – at long last. Bursting out of some cocoon. So the images I found actually got me pretty excited.

I’d planned to doctor the picture of Cait to be head to toe coverage as it is in the book (and darker blue) but I sort of fell in love with the picture, inaccurate as it is. Lynd’s outfit is the closest to reality; Macy actually wears that dress at some point in the book though it isn’t technically her uniform; Petras’ bottom half fits the story, the top not at all. 🙂 So it’s true and false, at once.

Yes, the title threw me off track!

Further to this (remind me to at some point tell you why I say that) – because of the two days I spent being completely wrapped up in the visual representation of this book (pictures then book trailer), I’m having a hard time getting my brain back to words. It shall pass, yes, but sigh.

Final thought – apply as you like and maybe I’ll revisit this: Literature came before the study of literature. Execution came before the dichotomizing of genres, methods, themes and the like. Just something to keep in mind, particularly if you’re the writer.

6 thoughts on “My Bonny Cait

  1. Aside from the fact that part of my name is in your title (hey, it’s not all that common…), your book sounds FRAWESOME. That one line of concept was enough to draw me in – definitely something I would pick up to find out more about 😀


    • AWESOME, Cait! How did I not notice that?! I actually have another girlfriend named Caitlin who I *did* immediately tell about the protag’s name!

      And so glad you like the sound of it! 🙂


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