Here It Goes Down. Down Into My Belly.

Being a remarkable, swoon-inspiring store takes more than the availability of great clothes. It requires hosting great – and I mean shockingly great – sales. JCrew has justified my love many times, friends. Many times. So on my recent trip to the States, it was not so much a question of whether I would go to the nearest JCrew, but more a question of how big a fool I would make of myself once there. I imagined rabidly salivating on displays, I’ll be honest.

Josh and I broke away from the Nickelodeon Universe amusement once we’d had our fill of rides and headed to a place that, for us, may very well constitute an amusement park. And certainly constitutes a date. And we were so well-behaved! We got one thing. That’s it. (This is where you congratulate us or, alternately, gaze at us with admiration.) But that one thing? ::shudder::

My apologies – you can’t see the bow tied in the back. It really is whimsy and delight, you can trust me. WHO DOESN’T LOVE AND DEVOUR LITTLE WHITE DRESSES? Lordie. And especially because the one I got a few years back – you know, the one that reminds me of Maria “dancing” with Tony in West Side Story? Yeah, it needs a few minutes with a needle and some thread and it hasn’t happened yet so this was JUST what I needed. Mmmmmmmmm.

Okay and I’m only showing you this next thing because you need to believe and receive the glory that is JCrew, you guys. Are you ready? Are. You. Ready.

That. I can’t even remember if this was one of those “additional % off” days, but those happen a lot.

I’ll never let go, JCrew. I’ll never let go.


2 thoughts on “Here It Goes Down. Down Into My Belly.

  1. I am pretty sure there was an additional sale because the first dress we looked at had a little damage at the seem and, while they weren’t willing to give us any further discount, we were still considering the purchase. I wouldn’t do that for $40. Luckily the next size down fit you even better and had no damage. I wanna say it cost us around $25.

    You look beautiful honey.


    • ::snort:: I wasn’t considering it. I was considering driving all over the great state of Minnesota to find another JCrew with that dress.

      *You* look beautiful. (I’m being obnoxious on purpose, guys.) No, *you* hang up first!


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