Somebody Kill The Radio Star

Imagine Huey Lewis singing about going back in time. And then read the following. Which was written on the road, coming back to Montreal.

You guys, I’m far too young to be yelling at the radio. Seriously. Maybe it’s just New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin and Minnesota…but something tells me this is the honest to blog predicament in which we find ourselves.

Now I realize why so many people are so hardcore “indie”. What HAPPENED with music? We’re paying people to be obnoxious, there’s something that can only be described as California-Island music by guys you just know are wearing open toed shoes, there’s autotuner mania, there’s a bunch of girls just belting for no doggone reason, there’s a bunch of pop rock bands that sound like they could’ve been released anytime in the past fifteen years.


WHAT HAPPENED TO AMBITION? New?! Music that reflected a new perspective or consciousness. Turning on the radio after years was like turning on General Hospital. “Wait, wuh? That’s still going on?!” Yeah, it’s that.

Hip hop should do us a favor and slay the illegitimate offspring that’s overwhelming the radio right now.  – I don’t think anyone would say Country has been “new” for a while, but at least it’s still melodious and dominated by strong, stand-out voices. That’s something. – Pop is just garbage. It goes from being fantastically ridiculous to being abruptly offensive and alarming. Right.  – I’m seriously about to say this: Christian music is the most consistent and OH. THEY STILL PLAY ACTUAL INSTRUMENTS! Remember when Christian music was the most watered down ever? (And note: this isn’t just good by comparison, it’s good.)

Geez. Fix yourself, radio.

In short, most contemporary artists should be ashamed of themselves. Period. Oh and a special note: Michael Buble you are the corniest thing I’ve ever repeatedly heard for ever, never.

The autotuner thing is so busted and ugly, I can’t even begin. In ALL mediums: let’s not just see that someone made some money and be like, hey, let’s do that 17 BILLION MORE TIMES. Reinterpretation, inspiration, sure. Following a pattern? Don’t.

LAWD, I can’t wait to get back home to my playlist and never have to hear this tragedy ever again. Take me away, Florence! Katy Perry makes (more) sense to me, too.

End of flashback – And to reward you for slipping back in time with me like that, here is a favorite picture from vacation. Ezra and a cousin and a lake.


8 thoughts on “Somebody Kill The Radio Star

  1. There’s a ton of good music out right now. I mean, I don’t have a huge scale or anything, but I’m sure this is accurate.

    I just don’t think much of it is getting on to the actual radio.

    Not that I listen to the radio… people still listen to the radio?


      • I plan on bringing my Michael Bubble cds for the 14-hour-long car ride to Virginia in August. Amar would appreciate your condolences. Did I mention that I love to sing along at full volume? Yeah, amar likes it doubly-well…


        • Like, I get that he’s pretending to be Sinatra. I don’t get that anyone else is. Also, he’s corny? And has very little actual character in his voice? Emotion, maybe? Also, he’s corny.


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