What Country, Friends, Is This?

Is what I did *not* say to the man sitting in the gazebo when we just could not take the pretty anymore and pulled over somewhere in Upstate New York (which turned out to be Gouverneur) to take pictures and prance. I did not let my dork flag fly though it was on the tip of my tongue. I permitted myself to ask the village name only and I’m not the least bit proud of myself. I haven’t decided on an act of contrition yet but I’m starting with self-disappointment and so far, that’s progressing nicely.

I don’t know if I mentioned it lo those two years ago, but if you’ve never visited Gary, Indiana – it’s Mordor. Done. Alternately, it’s the place Neo went to die at the end of the Matrix trilogy. (If that’s a spoiler, you should be ashamed of yourself.) No seriously, wtheck? Did you guys scorch the sky?

HOMG – okay, so between Canada and Ohio, nobody cares about the sanitation of my hiney. (Spell check?) SEAT COVERS, PEOPLE. Get on that.

I just crossed into my fifth state of the day – still the second country but we’re pretty essited. I’m in my Daddy’s hometown right now! The first time I came here, I spent four or so days ALONE driving around by myself, staying in my brother’s apartment and listening to The Killers. Smashing. Makes me wanna go find Jarrick and Theresa. CHICAGO CODE, SHOUT OUT.

Also, hey how bout I keep paying these tolls and then not have money for my son to go to college, huh? How ‘bout that.


Extra credit if anyone knows the origin of the title aka the thing I wanted to say but didn’t!

This has been a travel blog, written on the road, posted from the Heartland.


10 thoughts on “What Country, Friends, Is This?

  1. I JUST read this (late) and wanted to say: CHICAGO CODE. Alex and I sobbed when it was cancelled. Well maybe just me. But he was REALLY mildly momentarily regretful.


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