Update: Elena The Crafty

Today I am super excited to share some delicious craftiwork by my beautious friend, Elena! As a non-visual-artist (despite my many attempts to find meaning in the worse-than-mediocre “paintings” I did in high school), I am fascinated by how she makes something out of a million smaller somethings. You have to have an eye for the big picture. I’m good at that if we’re talking about goal setting and junk. Not actual pictures. So here’s Elena!

Hi!  I’m Elena, and I blog over at www.justmeprints.blogspot.com.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom of 3 (yikes!):  Sofia is 6, Thomas is 4 and Maia just turned 1.  My during-the-week mom-schedule includes, but is not limited to:  making meals, wiping snots, wiping tears, giving hugs and kisses, singing praises, pretending my kids can run faster than me, spoon-feeding, butt-wiping, bath-giving, homework-helping, and all while listening – because my kids do not stop talking.  Ever.  Even the 1 year old can’t stop babbling.  I obviously enjoy my life, but when I say that I n-e-e-d my crafting time – believe it.  It’s a peaceful unwinding to a hectic and very-loud day.

But why craft?  I believe the alternative to crafting (for me) would be binge eating, so…. a healthier choice, right?  But isn’t there a deep desire within each of us to create?  I think we all derive satisfaction from making something from nothing, or from moulding a plain thing into an item of beauty.  Some people *coughBethanycough* play with and shape words, others bake, sew, paint or decorate; my littlest sister expresses herself in the music she plays – but having none of those more obvious talents (ha!) I turned to paper-crafting.  First of all, it’s very easy to get into without many supplies (in the beginning, until you’re completely hooked, like I am…) and second of all, card-making equals instant gratification.  I can start creating a card and usually have something to smile and nod my head at (yeah, I admire my own stuff!) within the hour.

I usually have an idea of what I want to create when I sit down.  Maybe I want to work with a particular stamp set, or a certain color combination.  I might see a pattern on a bedspread in a décor magazine that I want to re-create with stamps, or a layout on another card-maker’s blog that catches my eye.  But if I sit down without a plan, nothing good ever happens.  So I know where I want to start, but I never know where I’ll end up – that’s the beauty of the creative process:  it evolves as you go along.

You can see that Elena is adorable. She doesn’t only make the cutesie-boot style either, but I loooove these cards so she was kind enough to let me use my favorites! You must go to her blog and see her range of styles!

“Get thee to heaven, Beatrice! Get thee to heaven!”

UPDATE: I cannot believe I totally neglected to show the beautiful card she made just for the blog! I am clearly a huge fan of food babies, so behold what Elena whipped up for me! She is so creative and she explains a lot about her process on her blog! Enjoy!


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