How Love Completely Occupies A Pair Of Eyes

With the exception of short stories – which I heart and may also be doing wrong (by which of course I mean blah blah blahhitty blah) – it’s been over a year since I wrote anything for the adult market. That and my writing process seems to have completely changed. So basically I feel like I need to come over here and declare to adult literature that I have not forsaken her. In fact there is still the white whale and two other works-in-progress at least that I will resume working on. Soon. Well, later. Not right now because I am in a monogamous relationship with my current wip!

I thought …that I knew every single look and sweet expression on his face, yet this is one that I don’t recognize….although I’ve sat and studied him for hours. Nope. That’s from Yentl. Totally lost my train of thought. OH! I thought (fight the Yentl!) I knew what I write! If I start doing political thrillers, I’m done. I have to draw the line somewhere. (Which of course isn’t true and I can write whatever I want OR COULD IF I DIDN’T HAVE THESE OCD LOYALTY ISSUES!)


In other news: If a guy or gal named Speed Weed or something writes an episode of Special Victims Unit, it’s *not* a horrible dream though it’s ridiculous enough to make one think so. [Insert the Liz Lemon eye-roll. Twice.]


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