Need To Breathe

Couldn’t sleep last night, at least not as soon as I’d like to have. I thought, “I haven’t listened to NeedToBreathe in a little while.” I’ve been playing a lot of Florence + the Machine, Atticus Ross and Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy as these are the soundtracks for my Avrilis sequel and the new wip. (Did have Rolfe Kent on that list, which then led back to a short story which you’ll be happy to know found its ending.)

So I clicked on an acoustic version of “Stones Under Rushing Water”. And a couple appeared in my mind. No, thankfully not a new couple. An estranged couple from my series for the screen. Haven’t thought of them in a little while since I left them at the end of the completed second episode (though I outlined the next four). Then I started the whole Avrilis process and they went dormant. The options available to them suck – not that they’d identify them as options at the moment. But I’m realizing there’d only be one course of events that would make them happy. Eventually. Anyone who knows the series I’m talking about knows it isn’t even *about* them. But that song totally brought their subplot to mind like it was the most. important. thing. evar.

So the point of this post is I don’t understand people who write in silence. Sounds *make* my stories progress. Which is me pretty much admitting that Hans Zimmer writes most of my books. (Why did I immediately need to add a note that James Horner is in no way inferior to Senor Zimmer?! Because James Horner is my fanboy and that is not just something I just made up because I wish it were true.)


So remind me to tell you about THIS.


8 thoughts on “Need To Breathe

  1. I haven’t been listening to music since I had my son as I did before, but I enjoy the sounds of life around me while I write. It becomes a problem only when folks are trying to have full-on conversations with me while I write. That is a problem! Writing with music? Not so much.

    There have been a couple of times I’ve really locked on to a song for a chapter or a book. In that case, the song does become a part of the writing . . . and then, later, once I’ve finished the writing, the song recalls the feeling of having been there. That’s a sensation I love.


    • YES. Love that. I may have blogged about this once (read: I totally did) but I realized how much I play the same song throughout a chapter or scene when I finally said aloud, “Isn’t this song haunting?!” to which my husband replied, “Yep. It’s gettin’ there.”


      • HA! My mom used to listen to the same song literally hundreds of times in a row. She would play the same song for days. Most of the time that didn’t bother me because her music taste helped inform mine. Where we had a problem was with the song “Brand New Key.” *shudder* After a couple dozen listens, the tape “mysteriously” went missing. Wonder what could’ve happened to it . . . ?


  2. Oh, Bethany. You just gave me the best gift. I’ve been stuck on how to write a particular story and this song just gave me the answer.

    I can write the ending any way I want. That means I can write the story the same way.

    Thank you.

    Also – I listen to Need to Breathe at least once a day either on purpose or by accident.


    • It’s so crazy how my mind works. Few songs will work every day and no song will work for every project – but when it’s the right moment and the right story and the right song? GAH.


  3. I find music distracts me when write. I need to get into a zone, a bubble or nuther universe where I’m in my characters’ heads totally and I can only do it in a peaceful atmosphere. However, I have an inspiring song in mind while I write. I like the sound of water falling. So I like to plot while I shower and I write best when it’s raining. Very moody and I can channel my mind to that nuther world best when the weather is cool and cloudy.
    A cabin in the mountains near a waterfall. That would be ideal for me

    I lost my mojo for a while but I think it’s returning and I’m beginning to take my writing seriously again. I’ll listen to some of the music you and your commenters mentioned for inspiration before I write. Thanks for the ideas.


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